Death Be Not Late Magazine – Break out books for 2012

Turning Japanese
By, Kid Shake A Lot
Legendary Italian rapper relives his most wild tour in Japan.

Ice, Ice Baby
By, Aðalgeir Bjartur
A fictional tale of Iceland’s Mayor John Gnarr hanging in West Baltimore with Omar Little from The Wire.

Janice Eat Pills
By, Brandy Turner
Living on the tough streets LA a young punker hitches her way to New York only to find herself deep in the pill binge of the 70’s.

The Digital Hit Man
By, Frank M. Ahearn
The author of How to Disappear combats digital intrusion with online deception.

Waiting For Jesus
By, Hilda Gonzalez
A mother’s fight to help her son rid himself of heroin abuse.

Masturbation Music on a Red Velvet Carpet
By, John Juan Wong
Bass guitarist for the retro-punk group Shitless writes a tell all about his relationship with lead singer Mary Mag Doe Lynn.

How to Walk on Your Hands
By, Lori Renz
Surviving the corporate world with a smile while doing back flips.

Ancient Mao
By, Amy Wo Tan
Her father’s memories of Mao and John Lennon.

There Were No Puerto Rican’s On the Titanic
By, Lillian Ruiz
Stand -up comic Lillian Ruiz story of growing up in the south Bronx with a Christian mother, Gangster father and eight brothers.

The Ultimate Hair Weave Guide
by Hair Diva
The Ultimate Hair Weave Guide is the only step-by-step book available online that will teach you how to apply, tighten and service your own hair weave at home.


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