Swiss Bell News Best Sellers

Steve Jobs, by Walter Isaacson.  A biography of the recently deceased entrepreneur, based on 40 interviews with Jobs conducted over two years.

Heaven is For Real, by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.  A father recounts his 3-year-old son’s encounter with Jesus and the angels during an appendectomy.

Manchuria Reconnected, by Lazo Punert.  A man wanders in search for his soul but only find the devil haunting him with his past.

Lessons in Math, by Sven Bachmann. How math saved a WWII POW.

Zenith, by M.B. Lustenberger. A young girl witnesses a UFO landing in her yard and abducting her brother.

Hansel is now Dating by Rostoff Guildersleeve (Abbles.) A love affair about two men on the Titanic.

The Digital Hit Man, by Frank M. Ahearn.  The author of How to Disappear combats digital intrusion with online deception.

Punishment No More, by Lena Potropple.  A woman leaves her husband in 1910 Bulgaria.

Obama, Salama & Cheese, by Borgarstjóri Reykjavíkur. A satire of global powers and how the rest of the world sees them.


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