Bannister Leaf Review – 2012 Best Sellers

Lessons in Art, by Hua Mulan (Cloud Nine Press.) Finger painting and its therapeutic effect on younger children in the technical age. 

Riding for Days with Martin Krpan, by Eugene Scolo (54 Pick Up.) A biography of Martin Krpan. 

Last Chance Here, by Nils Dacke (Edit-It) Harry Belfonte finds himself hung over in a French hotel lying next to a dead girl he knew some ten years earlier.

Scandinavian Folklore, by Lars Solander (Abbort.) In Scandinavian folklore, belief in the old gods still exists, but not in the form they show in high mythology.

The Digital Hit Man, by Frank M. Ahearn (Lying.FR.) The author of How to Disappear teaches how to obtain a new identitiy.

The Gangster from Turkey, BY Lazlo M. Presphase. (Shrimp Boat Publiscations.) Infamous Turkish gangster finds redemtion with theachings of Jesus.

Fried Eggs and Baloney, by Sera Phin (Jack Rabbit Publications.) Newly awaken Gloria Dowd learns about life in the social media world after ten years of sleep.

John Kerry Stole My Ferry, by Edith Wharton (Shipping News Press) A fictional tale of John Kerry who leaves life and politics behind to become a ferry boat captain.


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