Abbott, Elizabeth
Haiti: The Duvaliers and their Legacy

Ahearn, Frank
The Digital Hit Man
Reviewed by Frank Tromper

Alexis, Gerald
Peintres Haitiens
Reviewed by LeGrace Benson

Alexis, Jacques Stephen

In The Flicker of an Eyelid
General Sun, My Brother

Anvers, Paul
Of Rice and Blood

Apollon, Marlene Rigaud
Haiti Trivia and Haitian Art Trivia

Aristide, Jean-Bertrand
In the Parish of the Poor

Haiti: A Guide To The People, Politics and Culture

Becker, Stephen
A Rendezvous in Haiti

Bell, Madison Smartt

All Souls’ Rising
Master of the Crossroads
Master of the Crossroads A review by Ellen Canner in the Miami Herald

Bellegarde-Smith, Patrick
The Breached Citadel

Bentivegna, Joseph F.

The Neglected and Abused Reviewed by Robert Lawless
The Neglected and Abused Reviewed by Bob Corbett

Bontemps, Arna and

Hughes, Langston
Popo and Fifina

Bordes, Ary and

Couture, Andrea
For the People For a Change

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
Drums of Darkness

Brodwin, Paul
Medicine and Morality in Haiti

Brown, Gordon Toussaint’s Clause: The Founding Fathers and the Haitian Revolution

Brown, Karen McCarthy
Mama Lola: A Vodou Priestess in Brooklyn

Brown, Karen McCarthy

Tracing the Spirits Reviewed by Bob Corbett
Tracing the Spirits Reviewed by Robert Lawless

Buch, Hans Christoph
The Wedding at Port-au-Prince

Carpentier, Alejo
Kingdom of this World

Cave, Hugh B.
The Evil and the Lower Deep

Children’s books
Reviews of several children’s books

Condit, Erin
Francois and Jean-Claude Duvalier

Cooper, Anna Julia
Slavery and the French Revolution

Couture, Andrea
For the People For a Change

D’Adesky, Anne-Christine
Under the Bone

Dalembert, Louis-Philippe
The Time of Exile  Review of a French novel as yet untranslated. Reviewed by Abdourahman A. Waberi

Danticat, Edwidge

Breath, Eyes, Memory
The Farming of Bones
The Farming of Bones Review from Publishers Weekly
Krik?   Krak!
The Butterfly’s Way: Voices From The Haitian Diaspora in the United States.
The Dew Breaker

Dash, J. Michael

Haiti and the U.S.
Culture and Customs of Haiti

Davis, Wade

Passage of Darkness
Reviews of: The Ethnobiology of the Haitian Zombie;   Passage of Darkness;   and Serpent and the Rainbow reviewed by Robert Lawless
Serpent and the Rainbow

Dayan, Joan
Haiti, History and the Gods

Degand, Yolande
Always Comes the Morning

Depestre, Rene
Festival of the Greasy Pole

DesMangles, Leslie G.
Face of the Gods

Desquiron, Lilas
Reflections of Loko Miwa

Dohrman, Richard
Cross of Baron Samedi

Dupuy, Alex

Haiti in the New World Order
Haiti in the World Economy Since 1700
Notes taken while reading Haiti in the World Economy: Class, Race, and Underdevelopment Since 1700

Farmer, Paul

Aids and Accusation
The Uses of Haiti
The Uses of Haiti reviewed by Robert Lawless

Fass, Simon

The Political Economy in Haiti
Notes taken while reading The Political Economy in Haiti

Fatton, Robert
Haiti’s Predatory Republic: The Unending Transition to Democracy

Fick, Carolyn
The Making of Haiti

Galvan, Manuel de Jesus.
The Cross and the Sword

Gibbons, Elizabeth D.
Sanctions in Haiti:   Human Rights and Democracy Under Assault

Gillespie, C. Richard.
Papa Toussaint

Goff, Stan.
Hideous Dream: A Soldier’s Memoir of the U.S. Invasion of Haiti
Review by Madison Smartt Bell.

Gold, Herbert
Best Nightmare on Earth

Gonzalez, Juan
Roll Down Your Windows

Gordon, Leah
The Book of Vodou: Charms and Rituals to Empower Your Life

Greene, Anne
The Catholic Church in Haiti

Griffiths, John
Take A Trip To Haiti

Guy, Rosa
The Sun, The Sea, A Touch of Wind

Hassal, Mary
Secret History

Harris, J. Dennis

Holly, James Theodore
Black Separatism in the Caribbean
Notes on Black Separatism in the Caribbean

Heurtelou, Maude
Lafami Bonplezi
Sezisman! Pou Lafanmi Bonplezi

Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas
Toussaint L’Ouverture

Hoffmann, Leon-Francois

Essays on Haitian Literature

Haitian Fiction Revisited

Howard, Thomas Phipps
Haitian Journal 1796-98

Hughes, Langston and

Bontemps, Arna
Popo and Fifina

Hyppolite, Joanne
Seth and Samona

Joseph, Figaro, Joanne

Johnson, Gyneth
How The Donkeys Came To Haiti and Other Tales

Kedar, Daniel
Haiti: Reflections

Laferriere, Dany
Two Reviews:  An Aroma of Coffee  and Dining with the Dictator

Laguerre, Michel

Military and Society
Voodoo and Politics

Lawless, Robert

A Research Handbook
Haiti’s Bad Press

Lawyers Committee For Human Rights
Paper Laws, Steel Bayonets

Lieske, Bob
View from the Other Side

Madsen, David

Maguire, Robert, et al.
Haiti Held Hostage: International Responses to the Quest for Nationhood: 1986-1996.
A review by Robert Lawless

Malone, David
Security Council Decision-making: The Case of Haiti, 1990-1997

Marcelin, Pierre and Philippe Thoby Marcelin
Beast of the Haitian Hills

Matibag, Eugenio
Haiti-Dominican Counterpoint: Nationa, Race, and State on Hispaniola

Mellon, Gwen Grant
My Road to Deschapelles

Metellus, Jean
The Vortex Family

Michel, George
Charlemagne Peralte and the First American Occupation of Haiti

Miller, Frances
“Tante”: The Daring Decades

Montero, Mayra

In the Palm of Darkness Reviewed by Bob Corbett
In the Palm of Darkness Second Review
The Red of His Shadow

Morand, Paul
Black Magic

Nicholls, David
From Dessalines to Duvalier

Orem, Wiliam.
Zonbi, You My Love

Pachonski, Jan and
    Wilson, Reuel K.
Poland’s Caribbean Tragedy

Pils, Richard and Winslow
The Caribbean Foul Ball Caper

Perusse, Ronald I.
Haitian Democracy Restored

Placide, Jaida
Fresh Girl

Plummer, Brenda Gayle

Haiti and the United States: The Psychological Moment
Notes taken when reading, Haiti and the Great Powers

Prose, Francine
Primitive People

Rahill, Guitele Jeudy

Rey, Terry
Our Lady of Class Struggle  Reviewed by LeGrace Benson.

Ridgeway, James
The Haiti Files

Rodman, Maia (illus. by Wilson Bigaud)
Market Day for Ti Andre

Roumain, Jacques
When the Tom-Tom Beats

Salinger, Steven D.
White Darkness
Shacochis, Bob
The Immaculate Invasion
A review by Robert Lawless

Schutt-Aine, Patricia
A Basic Reference Handbook

Schutt-Aine, Patricia
A Basic Reference Handbook

Shaw, Marian
Land of the Hunchbacks

Smith, Jennie M.
When The Hands Are Many: Community Organization and Social Change in Rural Haiti

Stein, Robert Louis
Leger Felicite Sonthonax

Tallant, Robert
Voodoo in New Orleans

Tarry, Ellen
The Other Toussaint

Telemaque, Eleanor Wong
Haiti Through Its Holidays

Temple, Frances

Taste of Salt
Tonight by Sea

Trouillot, Michel-Rolph

Silencing the Past
Haiti: State Against Nation   Reviewed by Robert Lawless

Turnbull, Wally R.
Hidden Meanings: Truth and Secret in Haiti’s Creole Proverbs

Weddle, Ken
Haiti …… In Pictures

Williamson, Charles T.
The U.S. Naval Mission to Haiti, 1959-1963
A review by Robert Lawless.

Wilson, Reuel K. and Pachonski, Jan
Poland’s Caribbean Tragedy

Wolkstein, Diane
Two Reviews: Bouki Dances the Kokioko: A Comic Tale From Haiti and The Magic Organge Tree and Other Haitian Folktalkes

Wucker, Michele
Why the Cocks Fight:   Dominicans, Haitians and the Struggle for Hispaniola


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