Lemonde Best Sellers

That Crazy Dick
By Jim Youk.
A bio of Dick Cheney in his college days.

A Simple Disaster
By Nananna Goldstein
How the first day of preschool can be a real disaster for your child.

I Ate the Bug but Sniffed the Worm
By Juan Thomas Pillay
How one man lost out on millions in the lucrative tequila market

Birdy Birdy
By David A. Letterman
Discovering bird watching in Iceland.

Lampshade Louie
By Buster Nutz
French Rapper Buster Nutz’s tell all novel about his relationship with Anna Nicole Smith from his days on the French Riviera hanging with smuggler Lampshade Louie.

I Met Steve Jobs
By Dina Dernstein
An elevator ride in 2004 with Steve Jobs changed the life of Dina Dernstein who is now one of the world’s leading experts in primevel gothic lore.

The Digital Hit Man
By Frank M. Ahearn
Privacy expert discloses how to use deception to create online privacy.

F**k the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
By Jeannie Rose
Punk singer Jeannie Rose shares her sexual debauchery and life on the road touring with the Pin Head Monkey band.