Financial Times Book Review


ESSAYFeb 10, 2012

Egypt and beyond

Euphoria has given way to impatience in the year since Mubarak’s fall, yet is it too early to lose faith in the Arab spring?

NON-FICTIONFeb 10, 2012

Anything goes

Brad Gregory’s ‘The Unintended Reformation’ is an erudite account of how the 16th-century religious upheaval paved the way for modern capitalism

FICTIONFeb 10, 2012

Alex Preston’s ‘The Revelations’

AN Wilson on a tale of City slickers seduced by a promise of spiritual awakening

NON-FICTIONFeb 10, 2012

Left Bank longing

Pascal Bruckner’s ‘The Paradox of Love’ is a deconstructive take on our ideas of romance and desire and obsession

Book cover
 FICTIONFeb 10, 2012

Finals countdown

A bittersweet hymn to the high jinks of student days, Ben Masters’ ‘Noughties’ is a caustic, street-smart novel for our times